In all of my years of following Cougar football, this is one of the tough ones. But stay positive, thank the team for an incredible regular season, and keep being cougarly. This upcoming few years is going to be a test, a tough one at that. There’s so much in the air, and so much to gain or loose.

It’s easy to be a fan when we’re winning, but a true fan believes in the team, not in winning. So new coach or not, new quarterback, new stadium, everything. With all the changes, all I want to ask for is a favor.

When I first got here, the largest crowd in the audience was the band. I have seen many other Cougar teams loose in the Rob. But I stayed and watched and supported the team because I believed in amazing things happening. 

12-1. College game day. More NCAA records than I can remember.

I would have never guessed that. Never expected it. I’m optimistic for these upcoming transitional years. But the realist in me knows it might not turn out like that. All I can do is support my team regardless, so I ask that you all do the same. Being a cougar fan isn’t like being any other fan in the world. But I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Go Coogs.

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